CJ Pearson enjoys his Internet fame and following; which, is only part of what his self-created comments and videos are designed to maximize. That’s in addition to the thousands of dollars he and/or his associates have conned real conservatives into donating to him; and, he says whatever he thinks will further generate the acclaim and adulation that he hopes will keep the flow of donations coming in. He’s a hypocrite and a fake (and con artist) himself for pretending to be a voice for conservatives.
CJ’s parents would probably be very proud of him if not for the fact that he forged one of their names on a legal contract and kept them in the dark as to many of his online activities.
It may not even be possible to fully understand the mind of a con artist; but, the following articles offer some insight into the real CJ Pearson…
C J Pearson exposed for lying about being blocked by POTUS on twitter
XCLUSIVE — CJ Pearson Partners with Convicted Con Artist; SCAMS $2.9k
Young Fox News Sensation CJ Pearson Gets Scammed By His Own Side
CJ Pearson: Ted Cruz is “unelectable,” doesn’t have what it takes to be President.
http://thehighschoolconservative.com/…/cj-pearson-ted…/EXCLUSIVE: CJ Pearson Backs Ted Cruz for Prez to Recruit Millennial Voters [Only a couple of months after saying Cruz was unelectable]

‘Conservative Wunderkind’ CJ Pearson Says He Plans to Work for Bernie Sanders: ‘Proud to Support Him’ [Just a few months after supporting Cruz]

CJ Pearson’s strange rise and abrupt betrayal [Before claiming to support, then ditching and dissing Cruz only to come out in support of Bernie Sanders, CJ first claimed to support Rand Paul before ditching and dissing HIM….]

CJ Pearson said that Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray and Black Lives Matter are thugs, criminals, looters and rapists whose lives don’t matter and wont’ be missed.
CJ Pearson calls LGBT rights “self perceived oppression” and “petty”
he uses a gay flag with a swastika complaining gays are undermining his religious freedoms.
CJ Pearson has a history of bullying females online and was recently suspended from school for bullying female classmates.

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